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Brooks Instruments
Great Quality Process-proven flow meters. For maximum repeatability and reliability.


FCI Simply Unbeatable

FCI products deliver accuracy and reliability to the world's most demanding processes and industries including chemical, oil and gas, power and energy, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, nuclear power, aerospace, and many more.


Badger Meters

Simply put, Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation provides technology to measure and control whatever moves through a pipe or pipeline – including water, air, steam, oil, other liquids and gases. Customers can rely on Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation for application specific solutions that deliver accurate, timely and dependable flow data and control essential for product quality, cost control, safer operations, and regulatory compliance.


ITT Conoflow

Hera products are unrivalled within the industry. They offer superior service and quality for all construction and industrial needs. No one on the Petro Chem Equipment team can remember ever having a single complaint about a Hera product! Now that is what we call quality.



Our comprehensive product lines of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, transmitters,
switches and accessories are brought to market by an extensive network of distribution partners and are trusted by some of the world’s most
recognized Fortune 500 companies

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CCS Dual Snap

An engineering and technology-driven company, CCS’ designs utilize proven, rugged “Dual-Snap®” disc spring and advanced sensing technologies to provide our customers superior solutions for pressure, temperature and flow management requirements providing:



KOBOLD develops, manufactures and sells instruments for monitoring, measuring and regulating flow, pressure, level and temperature, offering one of the broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters in the industry. These instruments are used in countless OEM and industrial applications. Companies of all types use KOBOLD sensors and controls to measure or control flow, pressure, level and temperature. The process medium may be a liquid, such as water, oil or acid, or a gas, such as air, nitrogen or helium.



Portable Valve Operators

Valve Assist from Modec is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves.

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Niagara Meters

Liquid, Gas & Steam Flow Measurement

Built to withstand extreme environments and the toughest of industrial applications

Niagara Meters® has been known for its robust and proven flow meter designs for over 150 years under the Hersey Meters, Aaliant and Niagara Meters brands. We build Niagara Meters products to withstand extreme environments and the toughest of industrial applications. Our years of experience and range of flow measurement products allow us to find the right solution for your application.



NIVELCO has established and maintained a leading and respected world market position, and has sold more than 1 million units of level instrumentation so far: NIVELCO is now one of the largest ultrasonic level transmitter producers in the world.

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Ranger Valve America

A high quality supplier of application-specific valve products

Ranger’s core product mix includes API 6D ball valves, API 6D gate valves (expanding and wedge styles), triple-offset valves (TOVs), API 600 cast steel valves, API 594 check valves, API 623 globe valves, as well as API 602 forged steel valves and threaded and socket weld ball valves.


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From our start in 1923 in Detroit, the H. O. Trerice Co. has remained true to the commitment of our founder: QUALITY in both PRODUCT and SERVICE. This commitment has placed Trerice as a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of temperature and pressure measurement and controls.
When your requirements demand quality and durability, the broad line of Trerice products is ready for your selection.

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United Process Control

(UPC) offers Solutions that significantly lower fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions. They are used in high temperature environments such as furnaces, boilers, incinerators, power plants, fired heaters, kilns, etc. These simple engineered solutions are composed of a reference air box, a Oxymit transmitter or Protherm controller, and an Oxyfire Oxygen Sensor.


Watson McDaniel

Manufacturing High-Quality Steam & Fluid Specialty Products for over 135 years


Young Industries

Our goal is to supply bulk materials handling products, services and replacement parts that are safe, trouble-free to install, simple to maintain, and easy to operate. We strive to provide solutions that have superior performance and provide cost savings based on having the lowest life cycle costs.

Product Categories

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4. CCS Custom Control Sensors

Pressure Switches | Temperature Switches | Sensors

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Kobold temperature 2021.PNG
Hughes, Floor mounted combination shower
Hughes insulated shower with eye-face wa
Hughes  Temperature controlled safety sh
Hughes insulated shower with eye-face wa
Hughes 30gallon Mobile.PNG
Hughes, Optiwash Self-contained, gravity
Hughes 16-Gallon Gravity-Fed Eyewash Sta
Hughes Custom Skid Mounted Pumpless Temp
Modec Electric 1-2021g.png
Modec Pneumatic 1-2021e.png
Modec Gas 1-2021f.png
modec Battery 1-2021B.PNG
Badger meter Flow 062320.JPG

12. ATI

Toxic gas detection and water quality measurements: Gas Detection | Water Quality Monitors

ATI Gas & H2O monitoring 062320.JPG
Gems electric-flow-sensors-collage-2.png
Gems guided radar rli-g.jpg
Gems sensors xm-36490.jpg

14. +GF+

Develops, produces, and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases, and aggressive media.


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auburn 3800.PNG
auburn 3200.PNG
auburn Vision 2.PNG
Yound ind. Render-Model-B-Diverter-Valve
young indus horizontal-mixer.gif
Yound industries Filter bag dump station
Yound industries bulk bag dump station.P
Yound industries Feeder.PNG
Measurement Load Cells.PNG
Measurement Specialist, Steel industry.P
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Ram sensors.PNG
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Nivelco 1.JPG
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Winters WinSmart 36 ransmitter.PNG
Winters WinSmart TY52 transmitter.PNG
Winters Thermometer.JPG
Winters products 062320.JPG
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GPI 2021.jpg
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GPI meter.PNG
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Jesco pump2.png
Jesco pump3.png
jesco dry feeder.jpg

30.  Unitherm, Isocovers

Insulation Systems

For: Valves, Flanges, Fittings, Strainers, Pipes, Filters, Regulators, Pumps, Manifolds, Sight Glasses, DeSuper Heaters, Heaters, Pressure Reducing Valves, etc.

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