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Designs, manufactures, and distributes analytical instruments based on electrochemical and optical sensors. Specializing in the areas of toxic gas detection and water quality measurements, ATI continues to lead the way in development of reliable monitoring systems. ATI's capabilities in the area of sensor design and manufacture allow them to offer the kind of application support needed for your most demanding applications.

Manufacturer of triboelectric technologies: flow detectors, bag leak detection systems, and dust monitors for process, emissions and environmental applications.

Designing and manufacturing of pressure, temperature and flow sensors and switches. Offers complete build to specification design, research and development, 3-D modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, quality control and supportcapabilitiess.

Designs and manufactures innovative Controls, Sensors and Instrumentation solutions.

Azbil Corporation
Products and Services for Factories and Plants
Pressure Transmitters | Flowmeters | Level Transmitters | Temperature Transmitters/ Thermal Sensors/ Humidity Sensors | Analyzers | Control Valves and Actuators | Combustion Safety and Control Systems | Switches and Sensors

Designs and manufactures a broad range of liquid level, flow and pressure sensors, switches, miniature solenoid valves, and preassembled fluidic systems

Manufactures high-quality valves and fittings for use across a broad spectrum of industries. Backed by years of engineering expertise, Generant is capable of fulfilling the most demanding of industry requirements and have gained the experience necessary to satisfy the needs of all clients.

Custom Process Gas and Compression Packaged Solutions

Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators, Process Gas Solutions and Compression Solutions

Develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases and aggressive media.

Respected globally for its high-quality fuel transfer pumps, fuel meters, flow meters and industrial instrumentation for fluid transfer pump and liquid flow meter markets around the world. The Company is home to the GPI®, FLOMEC® and GPRO® brands that serve Industrial, Commercial and Retail customers in many applications: fuel, agriculture, chemicals, manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas, and many more.

DC Fuel Transfer Pumps | Fuel Meters | Flow Meters | Industrial Instrumentation

Manufacturing dosing equipment and the related components with innovation and quality in the field of metering technology and disinfection.


www.jogler.com | Direct-Reading Level Gauges | Sight Flow Indicators | Specific Gravity Analyzers (SGAs) |

Develops, manufactures and sells instruments for monitoring, measuring and regulating flow, pressure, level and temperature, offering one of the broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters in the industry. Most products can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Manufacturer of industrial level measurement and control products.




Portable Powered Valve Operators

Valve Assist from Modec is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves

Electric Portable Valve Operator | Gas Portable Valve Operator | Air Portable Valve Operator


A high quality supplier of application-specific valve products.

Provides a full spectrum of the finest quality temperature and pressure instrumentation and controls demanded by all industries. Products are considered the standard for quality and dependability. Product line includes pressure gauges, temperature instrumentation, and regulators and control valves.

Industrial process controls and automation for heat treatment and combustion markets.

Manufacturing steam specialty and fluid products that make the operation of steam, compressed air, heat transfer and fluid systems substantially more effective and efficient.

Manufacturing quality built instrumentation for all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement.

Supplier and installer of full-line dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying and bulk materials processing systems.

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