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Flow Meters with Batch Controller

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When working with flow meters it is important that the amount of liquid or gas that flows through is controlled.
Without a batch controller, there is a risk that too much or too little of the material that you are using will enter the flow meter system.

Flow Meters with Totalizer

Totalizers typically measure the total flow volume within a closed pipe system. Today, many types of totalizers have several functions. Some may measure additional information, such as flow rate. While some totalizers operate mechanically, others use electrical power.
Differences in type, design and material all affect the suitability of a totalizer for a particular function. When selecting a total flow meter, users typically want great function and cost-effectiveness. These attributes are not one-size-fits-all either, as they can be affected by the working environment, the substance being measured and the purpose of the meter

Battery Powered Totalizers

Features replaceable lithium battery powers an onboard flow rate meter/totalizer, allowing installation in virtually any location, regardless of power availability.

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