Heat Exchangers are pieces of process equipment built and designed for maximum efficiency of heat transfer between two different machines or mediums. In most industrial processes, the loss of heat is very wasteful and inefficient. Because of this, heat exchangers were created to capture and reuse heat that would otherwise be lost to the environment. 
In general, a heat exchanger functions by allowing a hot fluid to flow through the exchanger past a cold fluid without intermixing the two. Heat flows from the hot fluid to the cold fluid, heating the cold fluid and cooling the hot fluid. This allows the heat to be transported and reused rather than simply discarded. The two fluids will flow past each other, with one usually being in a narrow pipe while the other flows outside the pipe in a surrounding shell.



When it comes to shell and tube heat exchangers, Kennedy Tank has earned a reputation for quality, dependability and value. Our heat exchangers are designed to satisfy the rigid requirements of the toughest industries, including but not limited too: petroleum, utility, paper, chemical, rendering and metals.

Kennedy shell and tube heat exchangers are designed and fabricated to ASME code, TEMA standards, API-650 code, and to your own individual specifications.

Custom designs are available from 2,000 psig to full vacuum, 1,200 degrees to -325 degrees Fahrenheit in carbon steel and virtually every alloy.


Kennedy Tank manufactures shell and tube exchangers for heating or cooling fluids/gasses to precise temperatures. We also design and develop Stainless Steel heat exchangers for applications requiring corrosion resistance and excellent performance.


Heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to meet the standards of:
API 660
ASME code
TEMA standards


Can develop high value heat exchanger solutions in the following metals and alloys:
Hastelloy (Alloy C276) | 250 SMo
Duplex Stainless Steel | 904L
AL6XN | Alloy 20
Nickel & Nickel Alloys
Copper & Copper Alloys
Also have limited capabilities in working with Titanium

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